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We parcel low-altitude airspace above property. We enable the air space to be used with the owners permission, to gain passive income without the ownership of the property changing.

Your air rights and the associated air space is defined on our platform, we confirm your ownership. We then manage your air rights according to your instructions.

In order for a person or company to be on your land or in your property, which includes airspace, they need permission. If they have not received your permission we would encourage you to register with SkyTrade so we can help you with this problem.

When air space is used the property owner will receive a fee directly into their SkyTrades account.

Yes its real. The need to use air space is increasing with drones actively transiting in suburban and urban settings. The air space is becoming ever more valuable and air rights owners want a way to gain passive income.

Yes, once you have registered your airspace with us we can define a 'No Fly Zone' for your airspace, but if you have a 'No Fly Zone' you will not receive passive income.

Anyone who owns land is able to use SkyTrade to gain passive rental income. We define and manage your air rights. Examples include utility companies, rail companies, individual property owners, REITs and municipalities.

When your air rights are used we take a small fee. There may be an administration fee to verify the identity of property owners, depending on individual circumstances.