Drone Operators / UTMs

Revolutionizing Urban Air Mobility by Securing Airspace Access for Drone Operators and UTMs

Working with drone companies and Urban Traffic Management (UTMs) businesses we have developed a platform that allows urban air mobility to scale.

The ownership of the airspace above the property is the property owners, this is confirmed through legislation and Supreme Courts. The altitude that the ownership stretches to is a minimum 500 feet. Drones must fly at altitudes below 500 feet according to the aviation authorities to maintain their licences.

Demand for drones as a service is very high based on current data where operations are being trialled. However, without permission to be in private airspace, drone companies are at risk of trespassing into private property.

SkyTrade helps drone companies overcome this single point of failure and gives access to airspace with permission attached.

If you operate a single drone you can rent airspace through our marketplace. If you operate a commercial drone fleet and want access to thousands of miles of airspace, with homeowners who want drone delivery, register for our API. New cities, towns and customers are waiting.
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