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The Legal Right To Use And Control The Space Above Buildings And Land.

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Air rights, crucial for urban development, can be actively traded, transferred, and leveraged through SkyTrade, facilitating vertical construction, preserving unobstructed views, and supporting low-altitude drone operations. Investors can buy, sell, or rent air rights, enhancing investment portfolios and ensuring unimpeded drone corridors.

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Profit From Underutilized Assets

Monetize Your Air Space

Airspace is now valuable. The price per cubic foot can reach over $400. Join the decentralized air rights network revolution. Easily register and govern your airspace with us and take control of your air rights, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for development and transportation.

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Your Skies

SkyTrade empowers users to take control of their low-altitude airspaces, enabling them to register, manage, and govern access seamlessly.

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Democratize airspace with SkyTrade's blockchain-powered smart contracts, putting you in the pilot's seat of the future of low-altitude transportation.

Earn As
You Navigate

Join our radar network, contribute to safety, and earn  – be a vital part of shaping the collaborative future of UAV navigation with SkyTrade.

Refer And Earn

Refer others to join SkyTrade's decentralized air rights network and collectively soar to new heights while earning more.

how it works?

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Claim your airspace today, secure it and start to receive income. It is you the property owner who owns the low-altitude airspace. The price per cubic foot can reach over $400 for your air space. The income from the rental can earn you thousands of dollars a year. But until SkyTrade there was no way to use your airspace for extra income.

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Drone companies worth billions of dollars need your airspace so they can deliver food and packages to the rest of your community. We manage the airspace rentals for you by connecting regulated drone companies with approved airspace. You simply set the limits and decide when your airspace can be used and for what price and we take care of the rest.

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Location, location location. Certain areas are more valuable than others. Large property developers and hedge funds have been buying and selling airspace for years, and gaining hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. SkyTrade democratizes this and enables you to be part of the same market. Explore our marketplace and buy global airspaces you believe will give you the best return.

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Want to release some funds, want to move your funds from one air rights parcel and buy another or simply have expenses you need to take care of? List your air rights for sale on our platform, detail your criteria and we do the rest for you. Hassle-free air rights sales for you and your family.

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Our Happy Customers

What They Say

“Drones can now deliver my medicine in minutes, which is a real help to our family”



Individual Home Owner

“I only want drones over my house on weekdays and SkyTrade helped me do that”



Individual Home Owner

“One of the most innovative platforms I found to help manage our portfolio, I have registered all our company properties in Texas”


philippa Garcia

Real Estate Investor

“It was so quick, safe and secure to register my air rights, now I can sit back and wait for my passive income to generate from my airspace”


Kyle Hendricks

Commercial Property Owner

Got questions?

What does SkyTrade do?


We parcel low-altitude airspace above property. We enable the air space to be rented, bought or sold with the owners permission, to gain income.

How does it work?


Air rights and the associated air space is defined on our platform, we confirm ownership. We then manage your air rights according to your instructions. If you want to buy and sell air rights and airspace register with us and go to the marketplace where you can make offers on global air rights parcels.

What are air rights used for?


Air rights serve multiple purposes and play a pivotal role in urban development. Air rights can be actively traded, transferred and leveraged through SkyTrade to facilitate vertical construction, enabling increased square footage for buildings in various locations with development rights attached. They are bought, sold and rented to preserve unobstructed views. The necessity of air rights is compounded by low-altitude drone operations, which rely on unobstructed pathways so they can travel without legal issues and scale their businesses. Air rights can often be used by speculators to improve the returns of their investment portfolios. 
Air rights are claimed and used by holders who seek influence over how their aerial assets are utilized, reflecting a nuanced intersection of property, regulatory and legal dynamics.

I have seen drones flying above my property but I have not granted permission for this, whats happening?


In order for a person or company to be on your land or in your property, which includes airspace, they need permission. If they have not received your permission we would encourage you to register with SkyTrade so we can help you turn a problem into passive income.

How will a property owner make money from this?


When air space is used the property owner will receive a fee directly into their own account. When you sell air rights and associated air space the owner will receive income.

I don't see any flying cars, is this real?


Yes its real. The need to use air space is increasing with drones actively transiting in suburban and urban settings. The air space is becoming ever more valuable and air rights owners want a way to gain from this. Renting, buying and selling air rights parcels will help the market increase in value, and the value of air rights will continue to increase for the holders.

What if i don't want my airspace to be used for drones, can you help with that?


Yes, once you have registered your airspace with us we can define a 'No Fly Zone' for your airspace, but if you have a 'No Fly Zone' you will not be able to receive passive income.

Who can register with SkyTrade?


Anyone who owns land is able to use SkyTrade. We define and manage your air rights. Our clients include real estate companies, individual property owners, and municipalities. Any entity who owns property can register their air rights with us.

How much does it cost?


When your air rights are used we take a small fee. There may be an administration fee to verify the identity of property owners, depending on individual circumstances, and to make offers on air rights parcels.

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Turning Air Rights Into Passive Income

Where Air Rights Meet Opportunity for Every Investor, and Real Estate Developer.

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